Get Ready for the AT&T Innovation Hackathon with Cinchy University

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At Cinchy, we're passionate about harnessing the power of data collaboration to solve real-world business problems. As you embark on an exiting journey to building innovative solutions on our platform, we have prepared an educational starter pack for you.

Your Data Collaboration Journey Starts Here

This three-course learning pathway prepares Software Engineers, Data Architects, IT Professionals, and Analysts to become familiar with the Cinchy platform and its extraordinary data collaboration capabilities. The courses and assessments are the collective efforts of Cinchy's engineering experts, technical trainers, and curriculum designers.

Course 1: The Beginner's Guide to Cinchy

A 30-minute introductory course packed with Cinchy fundamentals like Platform and Network Map UI, Table Object Key Features, and CQL Queries.

Course 2: Data Management & Table Design Foundations

A 50-minute practical deep-dive into table creation and design, emphasizing the different data types that Cinchy supports. This course also provides insight into the concepts of change approvals and entitlements. 

Course 3: Data Synchronization and Connections

A 50-minute comprehensive exploration of the data synchronization process in the Cinchy Data Collaboration Platform, delving into the use of Batch and Change Data Capture (CDC) Syncs.

Good Luck!

Once you’ve completed the suggested courses, you can dive into the solutions you will be working on during the Hackathon.

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