Once you complete the prerequisites of the learning path, you will be automatically enrolled in the exam and an e-mail will be sent to you.

Cinchy Advanced Builder

The Cinchy Advanced Builder Exam is an opportunity to elevate your Cinchy knowledge and master all the available builder features to become the Cinchy champion in your organization. During the certification process, you will demonstrate your knowledge of CinchyDXD, Meta-Forms and CQL Functions and Queries. 
  • 75%

    Passing Score
  • 50 Minute

    Exam Duration
  • Invite-Only

    Prerequisite Pending
    • 1 Year


    Prepare for the Cinchy certification exam

    This four-course learning path prepares Software Engineers, Data Architects, IT Professionals, and Analysts to master the intricacies of the Cinchy data collaboration platform and become a Cinchy champion in their organization. The courses and assessments included are the collective efforts of Cinchy's engineering experts, technical trainers, and curriculum designers.

    Complete "Cinchy Fundamentals" Exam

    The first step in the journey to obtaining an advanced builder certification is to complete the fundamentals learning path and subsequently pass the exam.

    Course 1: Working with CQL

    A 50-minute course designed to familiarize learners with the Cinchy Query Language (CQL), the proprietary language used to interact with data within the Cinchy Data Collaboration platform. The course dives into the syntax and advanced features of CQL, helping learners to not only run complex queries across multiple domains but also to gain precise control over data accessibility.

    Course 2: Advanced CQL Functions

    A 20-minute course designed to show the advanced application of the Cinchy Query Language and help learners specify and use more particular logic in their queries than plain CQL may allow. The course dives into general functions and system values.

    Course 3: Working with Meta-Forms

    A 30-minute course focused on introduce learners to Cinchy's Meta-Forms experience and cover the process of building forms with custom configurations that allow users to access data outside of the tabular view that is native to Cinchy.

    Course 4: Introduction to CinchyDXD

    A 20-minute course designed to guide you through the process of building, exporting, and installing the Cinchy Data Experience Deployment Utility, also known as CinchyDXD. CinchyDXD is a downloadable utility used to move Data Experiences (DX) from one environment to another.

    Take the Exam

    Once you’ve completed the required courses and learning activities, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the exam and receive an e-mail notification!

    Why Should I Get Certified?

    • Demonstrate Your Excellence

      Through the certification process, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Cinchy's features and capabilities, allowing you to make organizational data reusable within an agile ecosystem. 
    • Advance Your Career

      Demonstrate your Data Collaboration expertise to clients and employers with an official Cinchy certificate.
      Plus, your online credential can be added to your LinkedIn profile, resume, and performance review.
     Once you complete the prerequisites of the learning path, you will be automatically enrolled in the exam and an e-mail will be sent to you.