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Dan DeMers

Dan DeMers is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cinchy, the world’s first comprehensive Data Collaboration Platform. Dan spent over a decade as an IT executive with the most complex global financial institutions where he was responsible for delivering mission-critical projects and technology investments. Knowing that half of all IT resources were wasted on data integration, Dan created Cinchy with the vision to simplify the enterprise data collaboration experience.

Ali Ahmadi

Ali Ahmadi is a Customer Solutions Architect at Cinchy. Ali's expertise lies in architecting and implementing innovative solutions that leverage the power of data collaboration, with a particular focus on data synchronization and liberation. 

Omar Ramos

Omar Ramos is a Customer Solutions Architect at Cinchy. Omar consolidates ample experience in Data Management solutions, designing and implementing efficient data flows along multi-platform data environments, from ERP and DSS to data for analytics, data mining, and visualizations. Brings a well-balanced blend of technical expertise and strategic thinking that allows him to close the gap between business and technical teams.

William Trieu

William Trieu is a DevOps Specialist at Cinchy. William excels in designing and implementing efficient CI/CD pipelines, automating infrastructure deployment, and optimizing software development processes to promote collaboration between development and operations teams.
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